Pozo Ceramic Jug | Blue and Green Leaves | 波佐見燒陶瓷清酒壺 | 藍綠葉子 |

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  • 於日本著名的陶瓷產地,波佐見町製造
  • 觸感比一般瓷器更溫暖
  • 德利用天然陶石和陶土以超高溫燒製而成,比一般瓷器更耐用
  • 金色瓶口更顯高貴、精美的葉子圖案充滿藝術感
  • Made in the famous ceramics production area in Japan
  • The touch is warmer than normal porcelain
  • Made of natural ceramics and clay, it is made at ultra-high temperature and is more durable than ordinary porcelain.
  • The golden bottle mouth and the beautiful leaf pattern are full of artistic sense.

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