Pozzo Glazed Ceramic Cup | 波佐見燒浸釉陶瓷杯

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  • 於日本著名的陶瓷產地,波佐見町製造
  • 用天然陶石和陶土以超高溫燒製而成,比一般瓷器更耐用
  • 可入洗碗機及微波爐
  • 以人手製作,以浸釉法將杯子上、下兩部塗上兩種不同顏色的釉彩
  • Made in the famous ceramics production area in Japan
  • Made from natural stone and clay at ultra-high temperature, it’s more durable than ordinary porcelain.
  • Suitable for dishwasher and microwave
  • Made by hand, applying two different colors of glaze to the top and bottom of the cup by immersion method.
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