PRESS CORE French Filter Coffee Maker | PRESS CORE 法式濾壓咖啡壺

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  • 外型輕巧、日系設計,有別於厚重的傳統法式咖啡壺
  • 使用德國製 PYREX 耐熱玻璃,拿起咖啡壺時不會燙傷手
  • 內杯有兩種刻度標示:280ml&320ml
  • 泡茶亦可適用
  • Lightweight, Japanese design, different from the traditional French coffee maker
  • Using German PYREX heat-resistant glass, it won’t burn your hands when you pick it up
  • The cup is available in two sizes: 280ml & 320ml
  • Tea can also be made
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