PRESS HOOP French Pull Ring Coffee Maker | PRESS HOOP 法式拉環濾壓咖啡壺

$489.9 $389.9

  • 使用德國製PYREX耐熱玻璃,安全、防滑又美觀
  • 使用HOOP設計,用大拇指將滑紐外壓,即可輕易將玻璃杯取下清洗。
  • 簡約設計風,盡顯品味
  • 640ml容量,可裝四小杯咖啡
  • Made of German PYREX heat-resistant glass, it’s safe, anti-slip and beautiful
  • Use the HOOP design and use your thumb to press the slide outside to easily remove the glass.
  • Simple design style, full of taste
  • 640ml capacity for up to four small cups of coffee
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